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Can I blow dry my hair with the rollers in?

Like all foams, memory foam is flammable. We do not treat our foam with chemical flame retardants, so the rollers need to be kept away from heat. Do not blow dry hair or use hot tools while product is in use. Do not place or store rollers near any heat source!

Will the rollers work for my hair?

The Sleep Styler® is the hair solution for thousands of women, but it does not work for everyone. Here are some tips to help you decide if it will work for you: The Long rollers are for long and thick or curly hair. Ideal length is mid back or longer. The hair has to be long enough to spiral around each roller a few times for best results. The Short rollers are well suited to hair that is near shoulder length to the mid back, or long and fine. Like the Long, the Short rollers are 1.5 inches in diameter, and so the hair needs to be at least 6 inches long from the scalp to be able to hold the roller in place. Even if the hair is very long, if it is fine and struggles to hold a curl then the Short is a better choice. The Short works more like a traditional roller and creates a more robust curl than the Long. If your hair will not hold a curl even with hot styling tools, a heatless roller is unlikely to be able to curl your hair.

How do you straighten with The Sleep Styler®?

The straightening technique only works with the Long rollers and is recommended for long hair. Instead of spiraling the hair around the roller, it is held straight and flat against it before the strap is wrapped. Most users spiral the last few inches of hair for a pretty bend at the end. Rollers wrapped in this technique may not stay well in shoulder length hair. If you want to decrease curly texture but your hair is shoulder length, you can try The Sleep Styler® Short. Like the Long, it has a 1.5 inch diameter, and so will create a big beachy curly that may relax your natural texture.

Will the rollers work on my naturally curly/kinky/textured hair?

We have had great results with naturally curly hair. Some tips: if your hair is thick, air dry to 80% before rolling. Apply a smoothing or anti-frizz hair product then comb out each section right before wrapping. Remember that the position the hair is in when it goes from damp to dry is how it will stay, so ensure each lock is nice and smooth. I have a kink in the curl near the scalp. Both the Mini and Original rollers are secured in place with a strap that crosses the lock of hair near the scalp. This can create a kink in the curl in this spot for some users. To prevent this, slide the roller away from the head a bit, or change the direction the hair is wrapped from over the roller to under or vice versa. If you still wind up with an unruly spot, a few passes with a flatiron on your way out the door should take care of it.

What styling products can you use when the hair is damp prior to rolling?

You can use any styling products you like. Frizzy hair does well with frizz-reducing serums and oils, while fine hair does well with mousse and products that create some hold.

What are the shipping charges?

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