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Wake Up to Beautiful Hair Everyday

Achieve beautiful styles, effortlessly with no heat straighteners OR curling tongs

Sleep Styler Original

Sleep Styler Original

The Sleep Styler Original will dry and style your hair while you sleep. Our rollers are made with super absorbent yoga towel fabric that dries your hair fast, while the memory foam inside ensures a comfortable night’s sleep.

  • The Sleep Styler Hair Curlers, 3 Inch Mini Rollers, Absorbent Heat Free Rollers, Small, As Seen on TV (12 count)
  • Dry and style your hair while you sleep and save an hour of styling time!
  • Achieve beautiful styles, effortlessly with no heat! Straightens OR curls your hair
  • Marshmallow soft memory-foam core is as comfortable to sleep on as a pillow.
  • Patented super-absorbent heat-free rollers. Microfiber material holds 4-5x its weight in water and dries super fast.

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Curl your hair without damaging it

Curl your hair without damaging it

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What You Need To Know

Have you got a high hair-to-time ratio? Are you looking for a quicker way to dry your hair with minimal effort?

The Sleep Styler is the solution that you’re looking for! The Sleep Styler is the perfect way to dry your hair while you sleep, saving you time and energy. The rollers help to dry your hair quickly and efficiently, so you can wake up with dry locks that are ready to style as soon as you get out of bed.

With a soft, absorbent fabric, The Sleep Styler is made to suck the excess moisture out of your hair, while also leaving your locks looking shiny and nourished. The Sleep Styler’s yoga towel fabric has fast-acting drying abilities. This is combined with a high-quality memory foam lining that makes The Sleep Styler comfortable to wear all night, so that you can get the best night’s sleep of your life.

What Our Customers Say

Customer Feedback

I’ve been using The Sleep Stylist for a few weeks now and I’m already obsessed! It’s really easy to use and it leaves my hair feeling healthier and shinier. Definitely recommend you to try this if you want to boost your hair health!


I’m a busy woman and I have limited time to dry and style my hair! The Sleep Stylist has been so helpful to dry my hair quicker so I have more time in my day to get things done. Love the soft fabric that is used and it feels really comfy to wear.


Drying my hair is one of the worst parts of my day! The Sleep Stylist product has been so good to shorten my hair drying process so I can go to bed earlier. If you hate drying your hair like me, I’d give the Stylist a go!


I’ve been looking for a way to dry my hair more quickly without using heat so my hair doesn’t get damaged. The Sleep Stylist has been great so far! It dries my hair overnight and leaves it feeling really soft and nourished. I’ve been using it a few times each week and I’ve saved so much time,


How The Sleep Styler Works

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